Kenndell Retirement Services Our History & Purpose

What is KennDell

Although KennDell Retirement Services was formed in 2015, the partnership of Kelly Dellinger and Mike Kenny started many years prior. Kelly and Mike met in 2010 while both were employed by the same insurance company. In this company, everyone worked as standalone agents; however Mike and Kelly found success working as a team. Their individual skill sets complimented each others' and they were able to provide their clients with a broader range of knowledge and service.

For five years Kelly and Mike worked as a team; both experts in their respective fields. While both are well versed in life insurance products, Kelly's expertise lies in the Medicare and Long-Term Care fields while Mike handles investments and retirement planning.

In 2015, Kelly Dellinger and Mike Kenny realized that they could offer their clients even more services if they were to start their own brokerage and so Kenndell Retirement Services began. Today Mike and Kelly service thousands of clients making sure they have adequate insurance and their money is working for them.


Kelly Dellinger

Kelly graduated from Stockton University in 2006. After a few years in the restaurant business, she decided it was time for a change. She went back to school for her insurance certificates, and started a new career.

Quickly Kelly excelled in her field, and soon she was promoted to a management position. By the time she met Mike, Kelly was teaching classes on Medicare and managing a team of agents.

When she is not in the field, Kelly spends time with her 2 children, and rehabs old Victorian houses.

Mike Kenny

Mike has been in the financial world for most of his life. After a few successful entrepreneurial ventures, Mike continually found himself back in the insurance business. His ability to connect with people has made him a natural fit for the retirement industry.

His diversified experience in business and finance is an extremely valuable commodity that he shares with their clients on a daily basis.

In between appointments Mike is either referreing a local basketball game, or tasting the latest local craft brew.

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