KennDell Featured In SJ Magazine

KennDell Featured In SJ Magazine

September 2018 issue of South Jersey Magazine

I’m happy to announce that Kenndell Retirement Services has been featured in the September edition of South Jersey Magazine!

Julie Shannon wrote an article titled “Navigating Medicare” and she interviewed myself and Mike. She did a great job with the article and hopefully it helps her readers understand the often confusing world of Medicare, “Medigap”, Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans. We also touched on different providers for each of these plans, and how to pick the right one for you.

Here’s a little excerpt:

When you turn 65 you have to start thinking about Medicare—where to start, when to enroll and how to go about it. With four different parts and other programs such as Medigap, it’s not the easiest path to navigate with many questioning arising. That’s where Kelly Dellinger and Mike Kenny of KennDell Retirement Services come in. With 40 plus years of experience in the Medicare industry, they have the knowledge and expertise to provide all the information and resources to help choose the right supplement for you.

As a bonus, it happens to be the issue with Nick Foles and and the Philadelphia Eagles – score! If you have a minute, please give the article a read, and thank you again to Julie and all the people over at SJ Magazine!

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